How do you use a log splitter

A log splitter is a machine which splits huge logs into smaller more manageable sizes which can be used as firewood. The Best log splittersare those that have an engine which powers the machine. The engine is usually a four stroke engine and the power of the engine is given through either gas or electric supply though some are manual and physical force is used to power the hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic oil pump is attached to the engine and a stream of oil is then sent to a valve. The other main components of these log splitters are holding tank. This holding tank holds the hydraulic oil which is fed via the machine throughout the entire pump. There is also an oil filter which keeps the machine clean by filtering out the oil.

These log splitters make splitting of wood easier as well as less physically taxing. Earlier people needed to split these logs using an axe. Now this work can be done without it being so taxing. The log splitter saves time and energy.

When you want to use a log splitter you need to see what kind of log splitter you have. There is the Electric log splitter as well as the Hydraulic log splitter and there are the gas powered ones too. In addition to these, there are manual log splitters as well. The manual splitteruse a hydraulic jack which is at one end of the log splitter and the last end of the splitter has a welded wedge.

The screw which is on the jack needs to be tightened in order for the log to be secured and then the cylinder can be moved into position. Then it consists of manually pumping the hydraulic jack so as to split the log. Once the log has been split, the screw needs to be released and the cylinder needs to be pushed back before the second log can be split.

The log splitteroffers a lot of conveniencehowever, you need to ensure your safety when using these log splitters as they are not at all forgiving towards anything that comes between the blade and the log. Therefore, reading of the manual and the instructions is of prime importance before operating the splitter and also wearing protective gear including eyewear protection as well as boots.

The most care one needs to take is of the hands and ensure it is no where near the blade.